Downtown Little Rock Partnership Announces New Ambassadors Program

In a press conference on February 15, 2017, on the corner of Sixth Street and Main Street, Downtown Little Rock Partnership Executive Director Gabe Holmstrom announced the start of an Ambassadors Program, a new resource for Downtown and its residents and visitors.downtown-little-rock-partnership-press-conference-new-ambassadors-pr

The program employs two ambassadors – Aaron Clark and Donovan James – to provide an additional, helpful presence in the area.  The two will be equipped with smart phones and a dedicated app which will allow them to report maintenance issues and any interactions with the public.

Joined by Clark and James as well as Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola and Downtown Little Rock Partnership Board President Scott Schallhorn, Holmstrom said of the ambassadors, “Their focus is two-fold.  As they patrol the area, our ambassadors will take note of maintenance needs:  burned-out street lights, graffiti, trash, and the like. We will either report it to the city or, in some cases, fix the problems ourselves.  Their other focus is to be where people are, provide a welcoming presence.  This will involve walking people to cars, hotels and restaurants or even just giving directions.  Their job is to help those downtown in any way they can.”

The ambassadors will be wearing red, branded uniforms and cover a 45-block area Downtown.


About Downtown Little Rock Partnership

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to accelerate the success of Downtown Little Rock, through leadership, partnership and initiative, sustaining and growing our vibrant urban core.

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